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2021 (2018/2019/2020) Shows & Conferences

by Dynamic Imaging Systems November 1, 2021

Dynamic Imaging Systems trade show attendance 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.



PA Prison Wardens Conference



None/Covid19 Cancellations


January 20th – 23rd

Florida Sheriff Winter Conference

Miramar Beach, Florida


May 13th – 17th

Texas Jail Association Conference

Austin, Texas


May 18th – 22nd

American Jail Association Conference

Louisville, Kentucky


July 28th – 31st

Florida Summer Sheriffs Conference

Hillsborough, Florida


September 23rd – 26th  

NC Jail Administrators Association Convention

Greensboro, North Carolina


January 4th – 9th

ACA 2018 Winter Conference

Orlando, Florida


February 4th – 5th

Florida Sheriff Winter Conference

Amelia Island, Florida


April 21st – 25th

American Jail Association Conference

Sacramento, California


April 25th – 26th

Pennsylvania Prison Wardens Association Spring Training

Scranton, PA

May 15th – 16th

Texas Jail Association Conference

Austin, TX

June 3rd – 6th

CTA Annual Technology Summit

Daytona Beach, Florida


September 11th – 12th

MSA Jail Administrators Conference

Brainerd, Minnesota

October 2nd – 4th

NJ Warden's Conference

Atlantic City, New Jersey


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2017 Shows & Conferences

by Dynamic Imaging Systems November 7, 2017

Dynamic Imaging Systems will be exhibiting at an impressive number of trade shows and conferences for 2017.  We will be showcasing our unique, mobile product offering for jails and correctional facilities, CorreTrak, which features inmate tracking, security tours, cell checks, inmate deliveries, meal tracking and much more!  All using handheld Wi-Fi enabled iOS devices.


Past Shows & Conferences

November 14th - 15th

California State Sheriffs' Association Show

Sacramento, CA


September 19th - 21st

GTL User Group Training Conference

Orlando, Florida


September 25th – 28th

North Carolina Jail Admin

Greensboro, NC


October 3rd – 5th

New Jersey County Jail Wardens Association Annual Conference

Atlantic City, NJ

July 23rd - 26th

March 22nd – 24th

Alabama Jail Association Spring Conference

Birmingham, Alabama

April 9th – 12th

American Jail Association Annual Conference & Jail Expo

Orlando, FL 

March 6th - 8th

Western States Sheriffs' Association Training Conference

Reno, Nevada Booth 606

January 20th - 25th

ACA 2017 Winter Conference

San Antonio, TX



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2016 Shows & Conferences

by Dynamic Imaging Systems October 7, 2016

Dynamic Imaging Systems will be attending the following trade shows and conferences, exhibiting our latest product offering for jails and correctional facilities, CorreTrak. CorreTrak is a mobile jail application providing inmate tracking, facility security tours, cell checks, and other jail operations, using handheld WiFi-enabled iOS devices.


Past Shows & Conferences

October 16th – 18th

MI Sheriff's Association, 2016 Fall Professional Development Conference & Trade Show

Lansing, MI


October 11th – 12th

Ohio Jail Administrator’s Conference

Tiffin, OH


October 11th – 12th

22nd Annual Wisconsin Jail Administrators Conference 

Wisconsin Dells, WI


October 4th – 6th

NJCJWA Training Conference/Jail Wardens Association

Atlantic City, NJ

September 27th – 28th

Minnesota BCA Criminal Justice Information Users Conference

St. Cloud, MN


September 28th – 30th

GTL User Group Conference

Nashville, TN

September 19th – 20th

South Carolina Jail Administrator’s Association Annual Conference

Myrtle Beach, SC

July 26th - July 27th

Tennessee Sheriff's Association Annual Conference
Sevierville, TN


June 5th - June 7th

Maryland Correctional Administrators Association 41st Annual Conference
Ocean City, MD


May 22nd - May 25th
AJA 35th Annual Conference & Jail Expo
Austin, TX
Dynamic Imaging Systems Booth # 615

May 15th - May 18th
Corrections Technology Association 2016 Summit
Scottsdale, AZ
Dynamic Imaging Systems Booth # 211

April 21st

IL Sheriff Association 2016 Chief Deputy/Jail Administrators Conference
Dynamic Imaging Systems Booth # 43

March 7th - March 8th
Wisconsin Jail Association Spring Training Conference

February 1st - February 2nd
Florida Sheriff's Association Conference
Dynamic Imaging Systems Booth # 69


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2015 Shows & Conferences

by Dynamic Imaging Systems September 17, 2015

Dynamic Imaging Systems will attend multiple industry shows and conferences throughout September and October.  These specific regional shows encompass jail and corrections personnel who will have interest in learning about our latest product offering, CorreTrak, a mobile application for inmate tracking, jail operations, and facility tours using WiFi-enabled iOS devices.  Below is a quick listing of these events.  Visit our Events & Shows page for more details.

September 22nd-23rd
North Carolina Jail Administrator's Association, Embassy Suites Hotel, Greensboro, NC

September 29th-30th
New York State Sheriff's Association Jail Administrators Conference, Gideon Putnam Resort, Saratoga Springs, NY

October 6th-8th
New Jersey Warden's Association Annual Conference, Harrah's Resort & Casino, Atlantic City, NJ

October 7th
Pennsylvania County Corrections Association Jail Training, Red Lion Hotel, Harrisburg, PA



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Dynamic Imaging Systems at the 2015 CTA & NSA Conferences

by Dynamic Imaging Systems May 23, 2015

Dynamic Imaging Systems will have a booth for both the 2015 CTA Technology Summit in Daytona Beach, FL and the 2015 National Sheriffs' Association Conference & Exhibition in Baltimore, MD.  These are highly recognized industry shows and we are excited to be attending.  We will be exhibiting our latest product offering for jails and correctional facilities, CorreTrak, an application for mobile inmate tracking, mobile jail operations, and facility tours using WiFi-enabled handheld iOS devices.

May 31 - June 3
Corrections Technology Association 2015 Summit, Daytona Beach, FL
Dynamic Imaging Systems Booth #313


June 26 - July 1
National Sheriffs' Association 2015 Conference, Baltimore, MD
Dynamic Imaging Systems Booth # 543

  • See Floor Plan
  • Exhibitor Hours
    • Monday, June 29  9:00 am – 3:00 pm
    • Tuesday, June 30  9:00 am – 3:00 pm


Come see us at the ACA Conference in Long Beach

by Dynamic Imaging Systems January 30, 2015

Dynamic Imaging Systems will be exhibiting at the American Correctional Association (ACA) 2015 Winter Conference in Long Beach, California on February 8th-10th.

Stop by booth 341 to speak with company representatives about our innovative Mobile Inmate Tracking, Mugshot Imaging and Biometrics software that can be fully integrated with your existing Jail or Records system.  There will also be a special presentation for CorreTrak that includes advanced Rounds and Cell Check capabilities.


Exhibit Hall Information - Booth #341

February 8th: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
February 9th: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
February 10th: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Conference website: visit www.aca.org.

For more information about other company events, shows and conferences please visit http://dynamicimaging.com/news/page/Events.aspx

Marion County Indiana Implements NIST Compliant PictureLink Mugshot Solution

by Dynamic Imaging Systems November 25, 2014

Marion County Sheriff’s Office, IN has implemented the PictureLink Mugshot Solution as a part of their recent upgrade to the GTL Offender Management System (OMS).  NIST compliant mugshot photos captured in the PictureLink Mugshot System are transferred to the OMS and made available for reporting, investigative and other County requirements.

Marion County’s implementation consisted of two PictureLink mugshot booking stations that capture NIST compliant high resolution images using Auto Capture, which automatically crops the photo to ANSI/NIST standards with minimal user intervention.  PictureLink was also configured to perform quality checks to ensure that mugshots have consistent background color, brightness and head tilt to assist with County investigative purposes like Photo Lineups and Mugbooks.

To simplify management of the system and increase security, Marion County opted to utilize Active Directory for Single Sign On (SSO) with the PictureLink Solution.  This reduced the burden on IT for help desk requests for password resets and allowed them to enforce password complexity rules for length and expiration.

To learn more about how our products and services can be provided as an integrated solution with your existing Jail Management or Record Management system, please contact sales@dynamicimaging.com.

Douglas County Implements PictureLink Mugshot and PositiveID+ Biometric Solutions

by Dynamic Imaging Systems November 3, 2014

Douglas County Corrections, Omaha NE, has implemented the PictureLink Mugshot Solution and PositiveID+ Fingerprint Identification applications.  County Corrections purchased and installed the Dynamic Imaging solution for both Adult and Juvenile facilities, replacing their existing Dataworks Plus® system and all existing Jail, Records, and Livescan interfaces. 

The installation by County Corrections incorporates PictureLink’s modern web application platform for mugshot image capture and PositiveID+ for fingerprint biometric identification of inmates.  Corrections sought a new system to replace its Dataworks® application and move to a modern system with compatibility and integration with its upcoming Offender Management System® provided by Global Tel Link® (GTL).  Through Dynamic Imaging Systems’ partnership with GTL, County Corrections was able to purchase and install the solution prior to the installation of the Offender Management System®.

Implementation of PositiveID+ Fingerprint Identification enables jail officers to perform pre-book searches, booking enrollments, and verification during inmate release for both Adult and Juvenile facilities.  Access to the Jail’s mugshot images and arrest data was also provided to the Sheriff’s office, Omaha Police Department, and several other surrounding agencies for their investigative search and lineup requirements.  The PictureLink web application can be accessed by patrol cars and other mobile users, should the agency decide to offer this capability.

Several modern data and image interfaces were also included that replaced the agency’s existing interfaces between their existing Dataworks® system and other internal systems.  Interfaces included the incorporation of data into the PictureLink Mugshot System from the agency’s existing jail system, the push of mugshot images to the agency’s Livescan system, access to mugshot images via http requests from the agency RMS application and inclusion of images and data for daily batch transmission to the Nebraska State Crime Commission.

To learn more about how our products and services can be provided as an integrated solution with your existing Jail or Records system, please contact sales@dynamicimaging.com.

Sign up for our NJ User Conference

by Dynamic Imaging Systems October 30, 2014

Dynamic Imaging Systems invites NJ agencies to join us for our 2014 NJ User Conference being held Mt. Laurel, New Jersey on Wednesday 11/19.  There will be no cost to attend this event; however attendees will be responsible for their own travel. Lunch will be provided.

Please register by Friday, October 31st to reserve your spot.  To register, please visit http://events.dynamicimaging.com.


Take this opportunity to share ideas with company representatives and other participating agencies from your region as well as learn about the newest features in PictureLink and PositiveID+. There will be time to discuss technical issues, suggest enhancements, and receive tips and guidance on the software. Additionally, there will be a special presentation on our new mobile inmate management solution CorreTrak that includes touch screen apps for recording inmate location, rounds, cell check and program attendance.

Whether gathering feedback about our products and services or learning about important new Agency initiatives, we are always eager to meet and talk with Conference attendees!

Who should attend?

The Conference forum and content is beneficial for many types of users including:


  • Patrol & booking officers
  • Jail Corrections staff
  • Records personnel
  • Investigators
  • IT Staff


For more questions about the event please email clientservices@dynamicimaging.com or call (856) 988-1545.



Aurora Police Department Upgrades PictureLink Mugshot Solution

by Dynamic Imaging Systems September 10, 2014

Aurora Police Department, IL has upgraded to the latest version of the PictureLink Web application in an effort to reduce software management and enable access to mugshots and arrest data to a broader audience.  Included with the upgrade was the elimination of the legacy terminal emulation software and screen scrape data collection which was replaced with a modern, automated interface with the agency Records Management System (RMS).

Real-time name and arrest data already being collected by the agency through its own automated procedures is now accessed by a simple PictureLink web interface that allows officers to import a record prior to the mugshot image capture process.  The implementation of this interface preserved the agency’s image capture and form output requirements, while enabling the agency to move to the PictureLink web application platform for image capture and investigative functions.

The agency was also able to replace their aging FIMS system from PSP with the NIST Repository application.  The implementation of NIST Repository preserved the agency’s existing EFT fingerprint file collection process from Livescan, as well as on-line access to those EFT records from within the PictureLink application.

The move to a real-time interface and modern web platform improves the agency’s position for future RMS upgrades and instantly provides critical access for investigators across the agency.  The agency has plans to open up access to PictureLink to patrol cars and other mobile users in the near future.

To learn more about how our products and services can be provided as an integrated solution with your existing Jail or Records system, please contact sales@dynamicimaging.com.