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Asbury Park & Long Branch Implement PictureLink Web Edition with Facial Recognition

by Dynamic Imaging Systems November 2, 2011

Asbury Park Police Department, NJ & Long Branch Police Department, NJ implement a shared image repository and facial recognition solution using PictureLink Web Edition and Positive ID+.  Both agencies are able to perform mugshot data and image searches, generate lineups, and perform facial recognition searches on records submitted from either agency.

Asbury Park and Long Branch Police Departments experience frequent repeat offenders between their neighboring cities so they wanted a solution that would combine valuable local arrest data into a single centralized application for use by investigators and patrol personnel from either department.  Both agencies use Dynamic Imaging Systems’ PictureLink image capture system, interfaced with their respective records management systems - Archonix XRMS application (Asbury Park PD) and TriTech’s IMC Law RMS (Long Branch PD).  New arrest records captured at each agency are subsequently submitted to the shared system and made available to law enforcement personnel for searches, photo lineups, digital mugbooks, arrest summary printouts, and more.

In addition, arrest records from both cities are available for facial recognition searches using Dynamic Imaging Systems’ PositiveID+ biometrics application.  Officers can perform mobile facial recognition searches directly from their cell phones or from their web browsers in order to quickly find potential suspects or identify uncooperative individuals while in the field.

During implementation, historical mugshot booking records and face images from both agencies were imported into the database.  Thus, the system was rolled out with thousands of records and faces immediately available for investigative and facial recognition searches.

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