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Aurora Police Department Upgrades PictureLink Mugshot Solution

by Dynamic Imaging Systems September 10, 2014

Aurora Police Department, IL has upgraded to the latest version of the PictureLink Web application in an effort to reduce software management and enable access to mugshots and arrest data to a broader audience.  Included with the upgrade was the elimination of the legacy terminal emulation software and screen scrape data collection which was replaced with a modern, automated interface with the agency Records Management System (RMS).

Real-time name and arrest data already being collected by the agency through its own automated procedures is now accessed by a simple PictureLink web interface that allows officers to import a record prior to the mugshot image capture process.  The implementation of this interface preserved the agency’s image capture and form output requirements, while enabling the agency to move to the PictureLink web application platform for image capture and investigative functions.

The agency was also able to replace their aging FIMS system from PSP with the NIST Repository application.  The implementation of NIST Repository preserved the agency’s existing EFT fingerprint file collection process from Livescan, as well as on-line access to those EFT records from within the PictureLink application.

The move to a real-time interface and modern web platform improves the agency’s position for future RMS upgrades and instantly provides critical access for investigators across the agency.  The agency has plans to open up access to PictureLink to patrol cars and other mobile users in the near future.

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