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Baytown Replaces Image Bank with PictureLink Mugshot Software

by Dynamic Imaging Systems September 2, 2010

Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce that Baytown Police Department, TX has replaced their existing PSP Image Bank mugshot system with the PictureLink Mugshot System and implemented both NIST Repository and PositiveID+ Biometric applications.

The Baytown Police Department’s implementation of PictureLink included several interfaces to help streamline their booking process and reduce the amount of duplicate entry that existed in their previous system.

Similar to Austin PD (TX), Baytown enters booking data into the city’s Versadex records management system which is subsequently pulled into PictureLink using the included Datalink graphical user interface.  This makes the record available for image capture using PictureLinks advanced mugshot imaging module. 

After the booking is completed, the mugshot and associated data is sent to the agencies Printrak Livescan System using a Dynamic Imaging interface that removes the need to re-enter duplicate information or take a second mugshot photo.  This interface reduces the errors during data entry and allows Picturelinks high quality photos to be used for their state required NIST files.
After the subject is fingerprinted using the Printrak system a copy of the NIST file containing arrest data, images and fingerprints is sent to the state, the city’s AFIS Tracker system and to a second Dynamic Imaging interface.  This interface unpacks the NIST file and makes it available to Dynamic Imaging Systems NSIT Repository and PositiveID+ applications.


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