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Bergen County Upgrades to PictureLink Mugshot System

by Dynamic Imaging Systems August 27, 2012

Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, NJ has implemented the PictureLink Mugshot System as an integrated part of their existing Global Tel Link (GTL, formally DSI-ITI) Offender Management System (OMS).  GTL proposes Dynamic Imaging Systems’ PictureLink Solution to their customers as an upgrade from the DSI-ITI Imaging System.

The County was seeking to improve their mugshot capabilities to speed up the booking process and provide consistent photos across multiple booking areas.  They elected to coincide their implementation with an upgrade to the new Evolution Offender Management System that supports seamless photo capture using the PictureLink Mugshot System.  The County’s implementation of PictureLink included five mugshot booking stations and the conversion of the agency’s historical data and images from the OMS.  One booking station was configured at the Hackensack Police Department so officers at this neighboring location can take photos and access arrest records using the jails database.  Historical data and images from the conversion are also available for investigative functions like photo lineups and mugbooks using PictureLink.

The PictureLink Mugshot System and the OMS are tightly integrated with a simple user interface.  Once booking data is entered into the OMS, officers choose the subject’s record from a queue within PictureLink.  This opens the record and allows officers to take advantage of the advanced mugshot capabilities of the PictureLink system including Auto Capture which directs the camera to pan, tilt, zoom and crop the photo without any user intervention.  PictureLink also performs quality checks on face front photos to ensure that images have consistent brightness, background color and head size.  Once front, side and tattoo photos are captured, photos are sent back to the OMS system and made available within the subjects booking record.

In addition to the primary booking database Bergen County Sheriff’s Office required standalone databases to be used for summons, Megan’s law, visitors and employees.  Each database included custom built forms used for photo and data print outs as well as ID card badges.

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