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Bolingbrook Implements PictureLink Mugshot System

by Dynamic Imaging Systems March 1, 2010

Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce that Bollingbrook Police Department, IL has replaced their existing DC Book System with the PictureLink Mugshot System.

Bolingbrook Police Department uses PictureLink as a backend repository for the mugshots, demographics and arrest data captured on their Identix Touchprint System. Users enter booking information directly into the Touchprint system which subsequently sends a copy to the PictureLink repository. All data and images associated with the record are immediately made available to users for look ups, lineups, witness sessions and hard copy forms output.

"We are very satisfied with our Picturelink system from Dynamic Imaging Systems. The entire experience from sales, to installation, training and service has been painless. A true “turn-key” operation where everything worked as promised the first time with no glitches or problems."

Tom Ross
Deputy Chief
Bolingbrook Police Department


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