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Clark County Implements Mugshot Sharing Solution

by Dynamic Imaging Systems December 5, 2013

Dynamic Imaging Systems was selected to provide a mugshot submission interface utilized by several agencies in Clark County, Nevada.

In 2011, Clark County NV was looking for a way to include mugshot photos in SCOPE, their statewide criminal arrest history repository.  While the majority of the state’s arrests occurred in just three different municipalities, gaining access to mugshot photos was time consuming because photos were not available in the SCOPE application and each arresting agency had their own separate jail or records system.  This required users to manually request mugshots directly from the arresting agency which could take days or even weeks to administer. To improve this process and facilitate enhanced data sharing among multiple agencies, Clark County was challenged with finding a way to accept photos from these agencies in a consistent and controllable method so they could be displayed in the SCOPE application.

The County selected Dynamic Imaging Systems to accomplish this goal due to their experience with mugshot imaging and large scale interfacing projects.  During the initial planning and analysis representatives from Dynamic Imaging worked closely with Clark County to define a clear interface specification.  The specification would support submission of records from participating agencies and an API for Clark County’s third party vendor to use for displaying images in the SCOPE application.  Sonnia Gallo, Project Manager for Clark County had this to say about the project planning phase of the project, “communication was very smooth and Dynamic Imaging Systems had a clear understanding of what we needed.  They were quick to respond and were patient with our questions on how to administer the product”. 

Using existing technologies from the PictureLink suite of products, a successful interface was delivered in the fall of 2012.  IT personnel from Clark County are able to monitor incoming submissions from the police departments in real time with a simple user interface that lists every transaction that is processed through the system.  “The administration tools are very user friendly as well as configurable for our needs. Nothing is hard coded which makes it very flexible for future use by the County” Sonnia said.   Submissions that don’t meet the County defined specifications are logged and can be reviewed on an individual or site-wide basis.  Submissions are also scheduled to automatically retry if there is an error.  This ensure that that files are never lost during transmission in the event that servers are down for scheduled maintenance or if networking issues occur. 

To date, the interface has processed nearly 500,000 submissions and continues to process nearly 500 arrests daily from the Metro, City of Las Vegas and City of Henderson Police Departments.  The County has plans to add other agencies as well as additional photo views in the near future.  Sonnia describe the project as “effortless” and had this to say about her experience working with Dynamic Imaging Systems.  “From initial bid to completion, this project has been a very pleasant experience.  The product and customer service provided by Dynamic Imaging was excellent and we highly recommend them to other agencies looking to implement a similar solution”.

To learn more about our multi-agency interfaces, please contact sales@dynamicimaging.com.

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