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Douglas County Implements PictureLink Mugshot and PositiveID+ Biometric Solutions

by Dynamic Imaging Systems November 3, 2014

Douglas County Corrections, Omaha NE, has implemented the PictureLink Mugshot Solution and PositiveID+ Fingerprint Identification applications.  County Corrections purchased and installed the Dynamic Imaging solution for both Adult and Juvenile facilities, replacing their existing Dataworks Plus® system and all existing Jail, Records, and Livescan interfaces. 

The installation by County Corrections incorporates PictureLink’s modern web application platform for mugshot image capture and PositiveID+ for fingerprint biometric identification of inmates.  Corrections sought a new system to replace its Dataworks® application and move to a modern system with compatibility and integration with its upcoming Offender Management System® provided by Global Tel Link® (GTL).  Through Dynamic Imaging Systems’ partnership with GTL, County Corrections was able to purchase and install the solution prior to the installation of the Offender Management System®.

Implementation of PositiveID+ Fingerprint Identification enables jail officers to perform pre-book searches, booking enrollments, and verification during inmate release for both Adult and Juvenile facilities.  Access to the Jail’s mugshot images and arrest data was also provided to the Sheriff’s office, Omaha Police Department, and several other surrounding agencies for their investigative search and lineup requirements.  The PictureLink web application can be accessed by patrol cars and other mobile users, should the agency decide to offer this capability.

Several modern data and image interfaces were also included that replaced the agency’s existing interfaces between their existing Dataworks® system and other internal systems.  Interfaces included the incorporation of data into the PictureLink Mugshot System from the agency’s existing jail system, the push of mugshot images to the agency’s Livescan system, access to mugshot images via http requests from the agency RMS application and inclusion of images and data for daily batch transmission to the Nebraska State Crime Commission.

To learn more about how our products and services can be provided as an integrated solution with your existing Jail or Records system, please contact sales@dynamicimaging.com.

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