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Guilford Implements PositiveID+ Biometrics Mobile Edition

by Dynamic Imaging Systems May 1, 2010

Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce that Guilford County Sheriff’s Office, NC licensed and implemented the new PositiveID+ Mobile Edition for use in patrol cars and various desktop locations within the Sheriff’s Office and Jail facilities. 

The County has used the PositiveID+ system inside the correctional facility for the past several years for rapid fingerprint identification of subjects for the intake and release areas.  The implementation of the mobile fingerprint identification edition extends this capability to patrol units and other areas of the Sheriff’s Office who want the convenience of rapid identification from their laptops.

With the implementation of PositiveID+ Mobile Edition, fingerprints are now automatically enrolled into PositiveID+ from the agency’s existing livescan system using a Dynamic Imaging interface, increasing both the quality and the number of prints in their local repository.  This has helped grow their local repository to nearly 80,000 fingerprint image files.

The Mobile Edition uses a small USB fingerprint device connected to the agencies Verizon 3G aircard equipped laptops.  A typical one-to-many fingerprint search takes anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds depending on network speeds and returns demographic information as well as the subject’s mugshot image.

To learn more about PositiveID+ Biometrics mobile edition download a copy of the mobile product sheet or sign up for a free web demonstration.


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