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SCORE Jail Implements PictureLink Repository for Multi Agency Sharing

by Dynamic Imaging Systems June 25, 2012


Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce that the SCORE South Correctional Entity Multijurisdictional Misdemeanant Jail (WA) has purchased and implemented PictureLink Web Edition for a multi agency shared repository.

The SCORE facility houses inmates for seven member cities across King County and needed a way to easily share their arrest photos and data in a centralized web accessible application.  To accomplish this goal, an interface was implemented between their Spillman jail management system and Dynamic Imaging Systems PictureLink Web Edition.  The interface synchronizes Spillman arrest photos and data in a central repository accessible by investigators and patrol personnel from participating member cities.  New arrests are visible in PictureLink Web Edition within minutes of booking and include subject information, charges, SMT’s as well as alerts.

In addition to SCORE’s arrest photos, a conversion was completed using Auburn Police Departments historical arrest data.   Auburn Police Department has used Dynamic Imaging Systems PictureLink Mugshot System for over 8 years.  The inclusion of their existing database proved beneficial to all SCORE member cities, as it immediately added thousands of PictureLink’s high quality mugshot photos to the central repository

To learn more about multi-agency integrations and jail management system interfaces, please contact sales@dynamimaging.com or call 856-988-1545.


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