Mugshot Imaging

PictureLink isn’t just another mugshot system. It’s the most effective way to capture, store, manage, and integrate images within your Records or Jail Management System.

PictureLink is designed specifically for the needs of law enforcement and correction agencies. For two decades, our sole focus has been on developing imaging solutions which are unmatched in the law enforcement community. With robust features like auto image capture, photo lineup, photo mugbook and custom forms design, PictureLink offers the most comprehensive Mugshot Imaging System in the industry.


High Quality & Consistent Images

PictureLink is designed to capture mugshot images quickly and easily, even in the most demanding environments. Using “Auto Capture” the mugshot is automatically cropped to FBI/CJIS standards and then passed through quality checks for background color, brightness and head tilt ensuring that images are high quality and consistent across multiple locations.

Photo Lineups

PictureLink includes Photo Lineup capabilities designed for the specific needs of detectives and investigative personnel. Photo Lineup enables users to generate electronic lineups using physical descriptors such as race, sex, hair color, eye color, height, weight, and age to generate 6, 8, 9, or 12 image arrays for on-screen viewing and/or printing.

Witness Mugbooks

PictureLink includes digital Mugbook capabilities that generates a list of "persons of interest" for on screen viewing by witnesses. Witnesses can review the images 1, 6, or 12 at a time and tag individuals of interest that are reviewed later with the investigator. Mugbook sessions are fully audited and include detailed information on who conducted the session, how many images were reviewed, number of suspects that were tagged and the physical descriptors that were used in the search.


Scars, Marks & Tattoos

PictureLink makes it easy to capture high quality images of scars, marks and tattoos (SMTs) that can be attached to the subjects arrest record and included in forms. SMT’s are also classified according to NCIC standards for type, location and description that allows advanced investigative searching capabilities such as searching for individuals with a left arm tattoo of a heart.

Forms Output

PictureLink includes an intuitive, simple to use, forms design tool that allows agencies to create any type of custom printout. Images, graphics, data, bar codes, and other objects can be easily combined to produce wanted posters, press release forms, ID cards, wristbands and booking summary sheets. During the forms creation process, the WYSIWYG display presents a continuous preview of the form using the active data record.

Customized Screens

PictureLink includes DataLink, a built-in data application interface that is used to store data collected during the booking process. Using industry-standard database connectivity protocols and database access controls, DataLink can be used with just about any mainstream back-end data source including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Administration & Security

PictureLink includes a set of tools for system administrators to manage the PictureLink environment. Administrators can create and link users to specific image databases, assign role-based permissions to each database as well as use Active Directory for Single Sign On (SSO). Administrators can also manage system configurations like code tables, screen design, image quality settings, and various other system settings from a single console.

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